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What does FAQs mean?
It means Frequently Asked Questions.

How much do you take to reply applications?
We usually take 24-48 hours, if you haven’t received a reply within 72 hours, please send manually the form with another email address (if possible).

Do you provide free domains?
We don’t, at the moment.

Will you place pop ups in my sites?
No, we won’t place pop ups. We only use Google Adsense ads which you’ll need to place in your site. If your site is in English you’ll only need to place one, two are required on the rest.

Where can I find your ads?
Ads code are sent on the application confirmation, but you can also find them here.

Can I place my own ads?
If your site is in English you can place an ad but it needs to be placed below ours. If your site is on another languague your ads must be in the footer.

Do you guarantee %99.9 uptime?
Yes! Of course we do. You can check our network status here.

Can you migrate my site from my current host?
Yes, and we do it for free!

How much does it takes to move my site here?
It depends on your site’s size, but it usually take less than two hours.

Can I be hosted if a don’t own any domain?
Yes, you can use our free subdomains: or

If you own my domain can I buy it from you?
Yes, of course! You can buy it from us anytime, if it’s about to expire we can transfer it to you for free.

If you don’t buy domain names why do you own some domains?
From time to time we offer free domains, but only for limited time!

Is email enabled on cPanel?
Of course!

Can I host my gallery here and my site in another host?
Yes, no problem! But we’d love to have both here!

Do you make backups of my sites?
Yes, we make DAILY backups of your sites. You can restore full backups, databases or single files through cPanel. We recommend to keep backups of your sites too!

I am an existing hosted, how can I contact you? 
You can reach us vía live chat (it’ll show up on our main site when we’re online), e-mail (the one which we replied to you when we accepted you) or vía client area (you must register). If you have lost our e-mail, please contact us here.

I was a hosted here, I moved my site(s) elsewhere but now I switched the DNS back to FV and my sites doesn’t work.
Our system checks every 10 days which sites are pointing to our IPs and which ones aren’t, so every 10 days we remove sites that are not pointing to our server. If you want to be hosted again feel free to apply again, we will be able to migrate your account or you can ask to restore a backup.

I have lost my cPanel password, how can I reset it?
For security reasons we have disabled password recovery from itself, if you have signed up in our client area you can change it from there, if not, contact us and we’ll send you a new one.

I’ve signed up in your client area but my sites are not there.
Please, submit a ticket and we’ll add your sites, unfortunatly is not automatic yet (we’re working on it).

Can I post news on your site?
Yes, you can publish about your site on Fan Village by registering here. Please, make sure to contact us once you have published it so we can manually accept it!

How many sites can I have?
You can have as many fansites as you want, though you must apply seperately for each one.

Do I have to display a toolbar?
No, we don’t have a toolbar!

Can I host more sites under my fansite?
No, you need to apply for each site. Hosting more sites under your fansite is forbidden.

Where can I buy a domain?
We recommend Namesilo, you can use our coupon code fanvillage for $1 off on your first domain!

What are your nameserver?

Do you have any other question? Click here or here to contact us.